Total Geekery: Saved by the Bell Comic Book

sbtbI’m going to geek out hardcore right now.  I just found out that there was a Saved by the Bell comic book published in the 1990’s.  There weren’t many published in the series, but enough to make this SBTB geek want them.  The stories are probably more lame than the stories of the TV show (which I still contend are not lame at all and can help save the world).  The drawing looks very Archie-ish.  Look, they even drew Slater’s mullet.  There are two issues that feature a photo of the SBTB cast instead of a drawing.  One is a special collector’s #1 issue, the other is a special Christmas issue.  The photos on the covers of both are essentially the same and from what I’ve read on the internet, the stories in both comics are the same.

Besides those two issues, it looks like there are 5 additional issues of the hand drawn cover variety.  I can’t seem to figure out which were published first, but I would guess the ones with the real cast on the cover were published first to get people interested and then they switched to the illustrated covers.  It must not have sold well if only a total of 7 issues were made.  Then again, it looks like these were published near the end of the SBTB series so the popularity of the comic book could have died out when the series went off the air.

Yes, I am a huge geek for wanting these.  The only thing I can say is I love SBTB.  It was a fantastic show.  You can find a few of the issues online at various online comic shops and ebay and they are cheap.  I guess they are not a huge collector’s item for the comic geeks out there.  That’s a shame, they don’t know what they are missing.  Anything SBTB related is pure gold.

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