An Open Letter to ABC in Regards to Defying Gravity

Dear ABC,

I know we haven’t been on the best of terms lately. I’ve hated you since you make us wait so long for new episodes of Lost. I get mad at you for not heavily promoting the really funny Better Off Ted. You canceled really original shows like Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies. I want to give you another chance though. Here is how you can get back on my good side: do not cancel Defying Gravity.

I know that there has not been any word that the show will be canceled, but I don’t know anyone who has actually heard of the show, I don’t see any promotion for it, and it has to be expensive to make. That being said, I really think you need to give this show a chance. You almost set it up to fail by starting it in August when not many people are watching TV and you never really promote it, which is a shame. This is a really good show. Sure, the writers play it fast and loose with the science aspect of it, but the stories are good. I really want to follow the “adventures that await the crew as they quickly discover their lives and destinies to be intertwined and carefully directed, not only by Mission Control officials on Earth, but also by an unseen force which is much closer and far more powerful.” Why aren’t you promoting this show more? It is something that hasn’t been done before. It has the sort of mystery that Lost has that can draw people in if they would just know about it. If you cancel it, what are you going to replace it with? Another cop show? Or how about a doctor show? We don’t have enough of those.

Here is what I propose: finish showing this season this fall. Commit to a second season, but in the spring/summer re-air season 1 with a lot of promotion. You need to hook people in from the beginning or they won’t start watching. There’s people like my dad, who I know would love the show but would not be able to watch the episodes available on Hulu, who need some way to catch up.

So in conclusion, we can finally make up if you do me this one favor. Keep Defying Gravity around. Promote it a little bit. If you give viewers a chance, they will not let you down. We can become BFFs again with just a little effort. Don’t turn into my ex-BFF NBC. They never give quality programming (shows like Kings) a chance, and have made me not want to give any new shows on their network a shot for fear that I will like it only to see it canceled after a few episodes.


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14 thoughts on “An Open Letter to ABC in Regards to Defying Gravity

  1. I am in complete agreement. I don’t want ABC to cancel the show. And I love your idea of committing to a second season and PROMOTING it with the re-airing of season 1. I know I am in and I am telling everyone about it.

  2. I am totally obsessed with anything scifi & this show is the best show that I’ve seen in awhile. I think that instead of airing on Sunday it should be aired on Saturdays just b/c most people do not have the time to stay up late and watch the show when they have work in the morning. Please, I cannot get enough of this show…I’m just anxious until the next episode airs.

  3. I really agree. I hope ABC sees this, or any network willing to keep the show because I think it has a lot of potential. Space should pick it up.

  4. Just watched what seems to be the last episode they will show. They billed it as the ‘season finale’ even though its only ep. 8 (and more were taped) so this does not bode well. What I don’t get is that they seem to have wanted it to fail? I, like pretty much EVERY person that somehow has found the show seems to have done so by accident, and had never seen or heard anything about it. I caught a glimpse of it by accident by a random visit to hulu (which i don’t visit regularly) and was like “oh this looks int—wait…already on episode 5?!?!?”

    My only guess is that they chose this show to experiment how a show would do with -zero- marketing and promotion. There is no other logical explanation I can think of. Why couldn’t they experiment with one of the crappy stuff (of which they have on spades) they show? *sigh* another good show that was never given a proper chance. Really disappointed in ABC on this whole thing. Don’t feel like checking any of the new shows at all, because I really don’t want to start watching a show, get into it and then have them pull the plug like that.

  5. Please ABC, bring back “Defying Gravity”. Give it a primetime fall spot, and use product placement. Give the show a real chance and watch it take off.

  6. I too am one of the individuals who randomly stumbled upon it on Hulu luckily only after the first episode. I really can’t say how I feel about the programming on ABC because it is not appropriate to say but let’s just say that I don’t hold it in very high regard. But for the first time in years I actually found a reason to watch ABC. I thought Defying Gravity was a very good show and a refreshing program since as you pointed out, every other program is about doctors or police. It truly is disappointing that a science fiction program cannot survive on television. Apparently marketers and the general public want instant gratification. If ABC continues down this path then they will again lose me as a viewer but this time for much longer. I just hope that they still air it in Canada or release the dvd soon so I can at least watch the remaining episodes.

  7. Well, it doesn’t look like there’s any hope for Defying Gravity. It still hasn’t been officially canceled, but as many have reported last night’s episode (8) was dubbed as the season finale and it has been confirmed that there were more episodes already filmed.

    It was a great show while it lasted and I’m pissed at ABC for not giving it a proper shot. Because of this, I am boycotting ABC and refuse to watch any programming (besides the last season of Lost) on their network this season. This isn’t going to be that hard to accomplish since they don’t have a decent show besides Lost on their network anymore.

    Nice job getting rid of more viewers ABC.

  8. You make really good points. If ABC cancels Defying Gravity, I will be irritated beyond all reason. It does everything right.

    It sometimes feels like Networks produce shows just to have them fail for the sake of showing the world that these shows aren’t profitable, or some garbage like that. Firefly was an amazing show, but Fox seemingly did everything it could to make it the least-likely-to-succeed.

    I too stumbled upon Defying Gravity on Hulu quite by accident. It’s a fantastic show though, and I want to see more.

  9. Does anyone know who the head of programming is at ABC? I want to write a letter saying how disappointed I am that they are canceling Defying Gravity. Like most of the commentators here, ABC’s line up was cookie cutter, boring knock offs of other shows done before. Defying Gravity offered something different. The one exception on ABC is of course is Lost. But it seems (feels like) that the new season of LOST is ‘years’ away. I have no reason to watch ABC if DG is taken off. At least show episode 9. What a shame. CF

    1. There are rumors floating around everywhere on the status of Defying Gravity. ABC has yet to come out and confirm whether or not it is canceled and if/when the remaining episodes will air. One source even states that it is not canceled. People in Canada have stated that CTV will air three more episodes, taking it up to 11 of the 13 already filmed episodes. So who knows.

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