Are Conan’s Writers Taking a Pay Cut?

This “story” by The New York Post seems like such a non-story to me.

The move from NBC to TBS isn’t entirely smooth for Conan O’Brien. Even though he made sure his writers were well taken care of last January when he ceded the “Tonight” show to Jay Leno, they’re grumbling now that they’re going to take a pay cut to work on his TBS show, launching Nov. 8. “This is no surprise,” said an insider. “One show was broadcast network; the other is basic cable. It’s a different pay scale. It’s not just writers; it’s everybody.” The Writers Guild is still negotiat ing how much O’Brien’s writers will be paid. “None of this is resolved,” said our source.

Oh really, you mean cable shows and network shows have different budgets? Next thing you’re going to tell me is that minor league baseball players make less than major leaguers. What? They do? OMG!

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