AT&T’s New U-verse App

AT&T updated their U-verse iPhone app with a fresh new interface and some exciting new features. First, let me start off by going over the updated interface. You can still do all the things you could do with the previous app, you can just do them more reliably and faster. If you have ever used the previous app you would know that downloading the channel information and connecting to your home DVR would take ages, if it worked at all. The new app no longer has these hiccups. As you can see below, the guide is simple and readable. Select a show and you are given more information and record options to remotely set your DVR. You can also see what has been recorded on your DVR and what is scheduled to record.

It’s no secret that AT&T has been working on a solution to watch video using their U-verse app for quite some time, and have posted internal videos of devices doing just that. U-verse customers have long waited for the ability to watch video. Unfortunately the update didn’t bring what most customers were wanting: the ability to watch live or DVR’ed programming, which you can do if you have a Slingbox and the Slingbox app. Instead, AT&T provides a list of (so far) 49 different programs (many with multiple episodes) to choose from. Some are more popular programs such as Castle and Lost, while others are programs that I’ve never even heard of. While it’s not exactly what customers were expecting, it is a step in the right direction. The downloading of the videos does not take too long and the video is pretty good quality. Below is a screenshot of an episode of ABC’s Castle.

This was definitely a great update to a sub-par app. Let’s hope they continue to work on it in order to provide streaming (over wi-fi and 3g) of live video from your U-verse subscription or at the very least the ability to stream recorded programming. If you are a U-verse subscriber and iPhone owner the DVR management alone makes this free app well worth the download. It is available in the iTunes store.

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