Chelsea Handler to Host the VMAs

I could not care any less about the VMA’s than I do now. Popular music sucks, MTV hasn’t been good since the 1990’s and MTV award shows are really just commercials with a few awards given out in between. That might change for the next VMA’s. Oh, I’m sure all the music videos will still suck. I’m sure I really don’t want to watch any of the performances. That being said, I will still watch it and for one reason: Chelsea Handler. I have a huge crush on the funny and sarcastic late night host and hope she brings some of her sarcasm to MTV as host. To me, it’s a surprising move by MTV since they try to go after the younger viewers and Handler’s Chelsea Lately talk show typically draws a crowd that is a bit older, but if anyone can make it work, she can. I’ll probably DVR the awards and fast forward through anything that isn’t Chelsea.

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