Conan O’Brien to Release Two Albums

The Live Feed is reporting that Conan is going to release two albums before his November TBS debut. I have a feeling the content will be similar to his bits/performances on The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour (hey, that’s my old domain!). I’m not sure the reasoning behind this as I’d assume only his most die-hard fans would purchase the albums.

What I think Conan and company should do is release a tour DVD for those who didn’t get to make it to his show. He could also include all the celebrity appearances from each city as special features (each city had a hometown celebrity make an appearance). I think that would do much better sales-wise and give people a good grasp at what all the hype was about. That might be coming too, we don’t know yet.

In the run-up to launching his new TBS talk show, Conan O’Brien will release TWO albums.

The first is “And They Call Me Mad?” which includes O’Brien’s improvised spoken word inspired by the legend of Frankenstein and an interview with Conan conducted by White Stripes frontman Jack White.

The second, “Conan O’Brien Live at Third Man,” has rockabilly tunes performed by O’Brien and his band — including a duet with White.

The efforts were recorded in June. “And They Call Me Mad?” ships Aug. 24, with ordering info available on White’s Third Man Records site. Both are expected by be available on iTunes next week.

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