Quick Emmy Thoughts

I know I’m a day late with my Emmy awards thoughts/recap but I was busy/sick yesterday.

So, the awards show was overall a good show. Jimmy Fallon did a pretty good job as host. His opening number I thought was great, as was his musical tribute to canceled shows. The whole Twitter introduction thing was a huge miss. Not only were most of them not funny, but they just didn’t flow with the rest of the program. I did find the set to be a bit of an odd choice. I didn’t really like the whole “digital” motif. It almost looks like they were trying to be “hip” with the graphics, animations, and sounds and it just didn’t work. It felt like I was watching the MTV Movie Awards circa 1999. The presenters did a great job, though some of the lines fell flat. Jewel did a fantastic job singing during the In Memoriam.

Now for the actual winners and losers. There were a few surprises, such as Modern Family topping Glee in a few categories (thank you!) and some disappointments. I know The Daily Show is a good show but they’ve won enough. It was Conan’s turn to shine. He really deserved to win for his stint on The Tonight Show. Even though I’m not a fan of Glee (yes, I gave it a shot), I’m glad Jane Lynch won. She is one of the best character actors in the business. She deserves to finally get some recognition from her peers. I was also upset that Michael C. Hall didn’t win for Dexter. I know he won last year but last season was such a remarkable season of Dexter. If MCH didn’t win I wanted Tony Shalhoub to win for his role on Monk. It was sad to see Monk end it’s run and Shalhoub did a great job with that role. I’ve not watched Breaking Bad, but I’m sure Brian Cranston probably deserved his award for Best Lead Actor in a Drama.

Really, there’s not much more to say than that as the rest of the show pretty much went as I thought it would go. What did you all think of the Emmys?

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