ABC Launches iPad App for My Generation

I love to see studios/networks taking chances and embracing new technology. ABC is doing just that by releasing an app for their new television show My Generation.

The My Generation iPad experienceapp will center around engaging viewers with questions, facts and tidbits about show characters, polls and quizzes. While first hearing about this I immediately thought, “that’s one way to get people to watch live TV again,” but apparently it even works if you have DVRed the show.

Nielsen’s Media-Sync Platform powers the real-time synchronization between TV and iPad. Nielsen’s technology is capable of automatically detecting and synchronizing with TV programming by picking up the audio from your television set, if you can hear the audio, the app can too. A click of the “Sync With Show” button will prompt the app to listen for 10 seconds and then offer up iPad content synced with show content.

This is the first time a network has done something like this but you can be sure it won’t be the last. Watch the video from ABC below and download the free app from Apple’s App Store.

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