AMC Makes Paramount an Offer They Couldn’t Refuse

Cable channel AMC and Paramount Pictures made a deal to give AMC exclusive broadcast rights to The Godfather trilogy until 2019. Financial terms were not disclosed but I’m betting it’s a huge number as a 9 year exclusivity deal is unheard of. I’ve also not heard word on whether this includes The Godfather Saga, which has aired in the past and edits The Godfather and The Godfather Part II in a way so that the story is told in chronological order instead of starting at the end of Vito’s reign and jumping back and forth to his and Michael’s rise to power. Also, has any cable channel (besides the premium movie channels) ever aired The Godfather Part III? I’ve not seen it air. Usually they only show the first two. Via The Holywood Reporter:

The “Godfather” deal further heightens competition between emerging original programming powerhouse AMC and pay TV channels HBO and Showtime. The deal includes the rights to air the three “Godfather” movies and a collection of documentaries and behind-the-scenes footage from Paramount’s library on AMC, which will also offer the movies on demand.

“The Godfather is recognized as one of the greatest sagas ever told on film,” said Tom Halleen, AMC’s Senior Vice President of programming and scheduling. “AMC is proud to be the exclusive long-term basic cable home to this incredible franchise, for the next decade. The Godfather acquisition, as well as our ongoing commitment to quality original series, underscores AMC’s promise to provide the best stories on television. The latest investment further represents AMC’s commitment to continually expand its extensive movie library.”

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