Eleven People You Might Not Know Were on Saved by the Bell

Ok, I’m a Saved by the Bell Geek. I’ve admitted it before and it’s not really a shock to anyone that knows me. There was a blog post this morning over at The Celebrity Cafe that made me geek out even more. They provided us with 11 people that you might not know were on SBTB. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Carla Gugino – She’s currently Ari Gold’s arch nemesis on Entourage, and some of us fondly remember her starring role in the Pauly Shore classic Son in Law, but way back in 1988, when Saved by the Bell was in its first season, then known as Good Morning Miss Bliss, Gugino was in one episode as a ninth grader Zack had a crush on. Zack had told her he was in the ninth grade, as well, as they had met over the summer and he didn’t think they’d be going to the same school. The problem was, he was actually in the eighth grade, and she ended up transferring to his school. When she eventually found out he lied she dumped him.

Kristin Holmquist (now Kristen Kemp) – The host of TLC’s Property Ladder was far less interested in homes back in 1989, and far more interested in dating Zack Morris. Unfortunately, her character, Rhonda Robistelli, was a bit too tough for Zack’s liking. He made the claim that he had a strict rule against dating the school’s shot put champion. He ended up going out with her at one point, though, when Kelly and Jessie devised a plan to get back at Zack for bugging their slumber party. Slater ended up offering the fake leg cast he was wearing as part of the ruse to Zack saying he could use it to fight off Rhonda.

Scott Wolf – Always uncredited, but seemingly always there, in 1990 and 1991 Wolf was a guy who was constantly in the background on Saved by the Bell. According to IMDB, he was only in four episodes, but it sure seemed like he was there far more often. In fact, I’m convinced they made Scott Wolf clones just for the show. After huge roles in Party of Five (143 episodes), Everwood (38 episodes), The Nine, and V – not to mention the 1999 big screen hit Go – Wolf’s seen quite a bit more camera time, and he’s even been able to say a line or two.

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Also, where did Rod Belding go?

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