First Cancelation of the Fall Season – Lone Star

The fall season is just a couple days old and we already see our first cancelation. It seems that Fox is going to be announcing that Lone Star, their heavily hyped and critically acclaimed drama, will be getting the ax after just one episode. The show premiered Monday night after House where it promptly lost 68% of the lead-in audience.

Fox executives were said to be shocked over the disastrous numbers. The episode drew 4.1 million viewers. I didn’t watch the show but I think it might be a bit too early to cancel, especially since it was airing up against NBC’s The Event, which was NBC’s biggest new series debut in 6 years (11.2 million viewers).

Update: It looks like Lone Star was granted a reprieve, at least for another week. Let’s see if the numbers can improve for the second episode.

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