Premiere Monday

The first real day in the fall premiere schedule was yesterday. Here are some thoughts on the shows I did (and didn’t watch).

I was excited to see House return after a pretty good season last year. I was excited to see where they could take the House/Cuddy relationship and how Wilson would react. The first episode was very disappointing. Yes, they had to set up the complications of the relationship for the rest of the season, but it was slow and boring. I also hated that they spent the entire episode giving Olivia Wilde’s 13 a story on leaving only to find out she lied about everything. I don’t really care that she lied. It’s not a burning mystery as to why she’s leaving, so why write it like that? It doesn’t make sense.

How I Met Your Mother
The premiere was just like any episode from last season. Monotonous. This was one of the best shows on television (in my opinion) the first few seasons. Now every episode feels old and stale (I pin the downfall on the series at the moment Barney and Robin became a couple). I’m really hoping they do something to change it up and make it feel fresh this season.

Rules of Engagement
This was one of my favorite shows that no one was watching. Patrick Warburton is always hilarious and the addition of Adhir Kalyan’s Timmy last season was great. Unfortunately, this sitcom is starting to feel a little old as well. The premiere had some laughs, but it wasn’t as good as it has been in the past.

What can I say, I love Chuck. I think it is a pretty good show, albeit formulaic. The first episode of the fourth season was no change in the formula. Yes, Chuck’s circumstances have changed a bit since last season but it is the same basic premise: Chuck, the reluctant spy goofs up in some way and then manages to save the day. I am kind of afraid it will turn into last season but instead of dad story lines they’re mom story lines, but the Buy More becoming the CIA base could prove to be interesting and exciting.

The Event
The Event was one of the most hyped new shows of the season and I almost didn’t give it a shot. NBC is not in my good graces, and haven’t been for a long time. They cancel great shows, fire great talk show hosts, and generally have shitty programming. Most of all, they can’t do serialized drama to save their lives. This might have all changed with the event. Like most people, I was very confused watching the first episode unfold, but it was exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat. The ending of the first episode, where we see all different timelines come together to the final scene. I’m hooked and can’t wait to see if they can keep up the fast-paced story lines.

Still to Watch
Hawaii Five-0 – I love most of the cast on this show so I’m going to give it a shot, though I’m not really looking for another cop show.

What I Didn’t Watch
Chase – I have enough cop shows to watch. Don’t need another.

Mike and Molly – I have never liked Billy Gardell.

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One thought on “Premiere Monday

  1. I watched Hawaii Five-O and The Event and like both of them a lot! You can read more of my thoughts on my blog (, but just some quick notes…

    The Event was a little confusing, but not enough so to keep me from coming back. The way events unfolded made sense… until the end. I feel like it is more like Fringe (success) than Flashforward (fail). Plus, all good mystery shows start on a plane, duh. (Fringe and Lost both started on planes)

    And Hawaii Five-O is another cop show… and it’s not. You get the feeling we will really know these characters and have their stories developed moreso than you would in a serialized, procedure crime show. And I think a lot of the cases they cover will be big, overarching plotlines as opposed to just one episode. We’ll see though. Oh, and the casting is brilliant… Caan and O’Loughlin seem like they get along really well.

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