Premiere Thursday

Mondays and Thursdays are my big nights for TV. There is so much to watch. Thursdays consist of The Big Bang Theory, Community, 30 Rock, The Office, and My Generation. So, let the premieres begin!

Because if my boycott of NBC (still mad at the whole Conan thing), I refuse to watch anything live on that station. Every show I watch is via DVR so I can fast forward through all commercials. That means Community, 30 Rock and The Office are DVRed. Because of this I decided to also DVR The Big Bang Theory and watch My Generation, so let’s start there.

My Generation
My Generation has an interesting concept. It is a documentary style show where a camera crew catches up with a group of people that they followed 10 years earlier at the cusp of their high school graduations. The show mixes current interviews as the crew sees what the students are up to with clips from the documentary they filmed 10 years ago. It sounds like it could be really good, right? Well, it’s not. There is not one likable character on the show. Not only are the characters very one-dimensional and annoying, but the actors and actresses that play them are horrible and the contrived stories that are used to bring them all back together feel forced.. This will be the first new show of the season that I give up.

The Big Bang Theory
TBBT proves, once again, why it’s the funniest show on TV and why Jim Parsons won an Emmy. The premiere episode picked up a few months after Sheldon met his new lady friend. Between his first date and Howard Wolowitz’s robot arm masturbation, this episode was pure comedy from beginning to end.

Community has to be one of the most underrated shows on television. It has great characters, funny plots, and hilarious takes on pop culture. It is a shame that people don’t seem to be catching on though. If you are a hardcore fan of the show did you catch that Donald Glover’s Troy had Spider-Man pajamas on? If you don’t understand why this is funny, Donald Glover started a Twitter campaign to be the next Spider-Man. I loved how they made of of Shit My Dad Says Twitter account and TV show. The only thing I don’t like about Community right now is how the Spanish teacher is now a student. I know they needed to keep Ken Jeong’s character around (let’s face it, he’s hilarious) but they could have found a better way to do it.

30 Rock
30 Rock had a disappointing season last year. They focused more on Liz’s love life and less on the actual happenings at the address of 30 Rock. This is what let me down. I missed the Tracy Jordan quotes and Judah Friedlander’s hats. I missed the ridiculousness that was NBC and the Sheinhardt Wig Company. Let’s hope this season gets back to its roots. Also, the shout-out to St. Louis in the opening was both hilarious and sad. The quote from Matt Damon’s character was “I’m in Lambert, St. Louis. I can see the arch from here. Oh wait, that’s a half-burned down McDonald’s.”

The Office
Probably the greatest opening for the show ever and it was followed by the same garbage that plagued the show last season. I really hope, for the rest of the cast’s sake, this show gets better. What was once a fantastic comedy with great characters has turned into complete crap (with the exception of a few good episodes here and there, such as Jim and Pam’s wedding).

That was my Thursday. What did you like about your Thursday lineup? What didn’t you like?

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