Premiere Tuesday

I actually didn’t watch any premieres last night. I’m not a fan of Glee and there is nothing else on Tuesday nights that grab my interest. The only show that I will give a shot on Tuesdays is No Ordinary Family, and that starts next week (read my review of the pilot here).

I did watch Hawaii Five-0 last night and found it to be very entertaining. I think I will continue to DVR it and give it a shot this season. While it is a lot like other cop shows at least the scenery of beautiful Hawaii is something new.

In other non-premiere news, the season finale of Warehouse 13 was on last night. This is one of my guilty pleasure shows because it’s just so cheesy. Last night was even more so and I was kind of disappointed by the second part to the finale (after a very good first part). That being said, it’ll still remain one of my DVRed guilty pleasures.

Wednesday’s premier list includes… Modern Family. Yep, that’s it. Review tomorrow.

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