The True Blood Finale

Not really sure what to say about this. It was disappointing, to say the least. I’ve come to expect something huge to happen in the finale each season. This did not happen. The finale didn’t even feel like a finale, just like a normal episode. However, Danielle made a great point in her blog:

True Blood has to decide if it wants to be an Emmy-worthy drama that deals with real issues (in the context of this f#%ked up Bon Temps world of course) or if it wants to be a soapy, over-the-top drama that is just going for shock factor….

I completely agree with this. I loved how the whole inclusion of vampires and the Christian Right’s crusade against them mirrored the quest for equality by gay/lesbian/bi/trans peoples in America today. I also loved that the vampires were the exact opposite of the crappy versions that Twilight unleashed upon us.

This season was nothing like that though. Throughout the entire season they did everything they could to shock audiences, and not always in a good way. The story of Eric and his parents could have been really good, but they barely did anything with it (yet). But then the show has jumped the shark. It started going that way last season with Mary Ann, but this season it has completely jumped it. I think they had too many characters and stories to tell and not enough episodes to tell them in. I just hope they go back to their roots because, unlike Danielle, I will not stick around if they continue on the soapy, shock factor path.

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One thought on “The True Blood Finale

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I had actually written that post a few weeks ago and forgot to publish it, but think that even with the finale, it is still true. The last ep was so underwhelming. Where is next season going? Lafayette will become a witch or something with Jesus? Sookie will turn to her fairy friends now that BFF and Tina Tuner lookalike Tara has skipped town? Jason will be in charge of a pack of werepanthers? Come on.

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