Awkward Family Photos Coming to ABC

Yes, you read that right. ABC is bringing the popular blog to television.

Sony Pictures TV is producing the project for ABC in a script-with-penalty deal. Contractually, ABC’s show will be based upon the “Awkward Family Photos” book, though the print version and year-old Web site were both created by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack and contain the same content — funny, embarrassing and, yes, awkward family portraits that have been submitted by readers.

Not sure how they could create a show on this unless the premise is around a photography studio that either comes up with really odd ideas for their customers or if they just have really odd customers.

This isn’t the first buzz website that has gotten its own show. CBS has already developed the popular Twitter feed Shit My Dad Says into a show and is producing another show based on a Twitter feed entitled Shh … Don’t Tell Steve.

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