Chelsea Handler Dating 50 Cent?

There’s been a lot of jokes being made about Chelsea Handler dating 50 Cent on her talk show Chelsea Lately and I thought they were just playing off the old joke that black guys love Chelsea (and, according to her, rappers especially love her). It seems there could be some truth to the 50 Cent rumors.

Apparently the two were spotted having dinner together in New Orleans recently and 50 Cent admitted to sending her flowers. 50 is denying that anything is happening. He told All Hip Hop, “I’m not gonna answer that question!” 50 Cent said of the comediane¬† “I’m not dating her. Yeah I did send her flowers [after the VMAs] … why not?”

If you watch Chelsea Lately at all, believing this rumor would not be hard to do. When comedians like Jo Koy bring up the two Chelsea usually laughs and doesn’t exactly deny it, or has an “I’m not telling” look on her face.

My take on this? She could do much better. Have some class, Chelsea. 50? Really? At least pick a rapper with a little more class and a little less scars from bullets.

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