Jamie Foxx Sells Mafia Drama to NBC

NBC made a deal for Tommy’s Little Girl, which centers on a young girl raised in a Mafia family who is hidden away in an orphanage after her family is murdered by a rival crime boss. Now an attorney, she has a double life as an assassin avenging her family’s murder as she attempts to locate her last living relative. The project is from writer/executive producer Jorge Zamacona (Oz, The Unusuals) along with executive prodders Foxx and Deon Taylor.

The plot synopsis had me all the way up to “double life as an assassin.” I think the better story would be a double life as an attorney and invisible heir to the family business. It would be similar to the struggle of politician and reluctant organized crime participant Tommy in Showtime’s overlooked Brotherhood.

That being said, Oz was considered a great show with great writing. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the series so I can’t comment on that. One of these days I’ll have to go back and watch it. The plot of this new show does not seem anywhere near as dark as Oz and, to be honest, sounds pretty cheesy. Cheesy sometimes works though. Human Target is a great example of that, so we’ll see how the show plays out.

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