NBC Orders More Event, LOLA, and Outsourced

I’ve only watched one of the three shows that NBC decided to pick up for full seasons. The Event is one of the most exciting TV shows on the air today. Law & Order: Los Angelas and Outsourced must be doing well enough in ratings to make NBC feel confident in ordering a full season. The Live Feed has more.

Three freshman NBC series are getting full-season orders: The Event, Law & Order: Los Angeles and Outsourced are all getting nine more episodes. The pickups are all shows produced by Universal Media Studios and represent NBC’s first round of full-season orders.

“We are pleased with the quality of The Event, Law & Order: Los Angeles and Outsourced, and feel they are an important part of helping to re-build our schedule and our studio pipeline,” said Angela Bromstad, NBC’s entertainment president . “We believe in these new series and the creative auspices behind them.”

NBC has not made a verdict for the Warner-Bros.-produced Chuck, Chase and Undercovers. There are rumors of six Undercovers scripts being ordered and a potential back nine for Chase.

In the ratings, none of the shows have popped much in recent weeks. The Event has averaged a 3.0 rating and 9.1 million viewers using the most current ratings date including DVR viewership. LOLA has generated a 2.5 rating and 8.7 million viewers. Outsourced has averaged a 3.0 rating and 6.3 million viewers.

The news does mean, however, that Event fans will have a stronger chance of finding out what “The Event” actually is — sources say its reveal is planned for near the end of the first season.

The most interesting part about that story is that we find out what The Event is at the end of this season. Depending on the reactions from fans, this could be a good boost to a season 2 for the series.

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