True Blood Season 4 Spoilers

TVOvermind has a list of possible spoilers for the fourth season of True Blood. The fourth season will loosely follow the material of Dead to the World, but fans should already know that Alan Ball’s series doesn’t follow exactly along with Charlaine Harris’ books. I really hope season four is better than three. I thought season three was slow, boring, and lacked the great stories the previous two seasons had. I think this might have been because they stretched themselves with the amount of stories they were trying to tell and with the amount of characters they had.

  • Marnie – A palm reader/huckster who apparently sucks are her job of convincing people she has a sixth sense, until she becomes possessed with the spirit of a powerful sorceress.
  • Portia – Andy has a sister? According to Ausiello she is not only a looker, but a hell of an attorney of some sort. Ausiello also reports that the casting call asks for potential candidates to do some nude scenes.
  • Naomi – Asian cage fighter. Um…
  • Queen Mab – Beautiful leader of a fantasy locale, very likely the queen of the fairies. Apparently she is also a bit of a hard ass, so maybe the fairies attempts to lure in their long lost sister, Sookie (Anna Paquin), are going to get a lot more aggressive. Will Sookie be forced to choose between the world of the humans and the world of the Fairie?
  • Suzanne McKittric – A shape shifter who will apparently throw an impromptu party with the intent of meeting more of her kind.

Notice the lack of vampires and werewolves in this season. The werewolves I’m fine without, but where’s the vampires? And no, I’m not talking about the love triangle between Sookie, Eric, and Bill. I really wish the show would get back to the persecution of vampires/civil & gay rights symbolism storylines. Those were the most entertaining.

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