7 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Conan’

In honor of Conan’s first episode of his TBS late night talk show, here’s 7 things (compiled by The Hollywood Reporter) you didn’t know about the new show.

1. Stage 15 Holds 275 audience members. The capacity is in between that of Conan’s Late Night and The Tonight Show.

2. Stage 15 has been the home to 52 motion pictures, including The Music Man, Ghostbusters, Oceans 11 and The Lost Boys.

3. The new set for Conan was designed by Emmy award winning set designers John Shaffner and Joe Stewart.

4. Set is truly a 360 degree environment. We’ve built an intimate theatre inside of the stage based largely on experiencing different venues on “The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour”

5. The Conan set features a hand-painted backdrop of the California coast line with fiber optic lights.

6. The new Conan set features 1,000 Computerized and Conventional Lighting fixtures. Stage 15 is 10,000 square feet when you combine the set, production area, green room and audience area. The show curtain is silk from Thailand, with Jim Thompson silks providing. Stage 15 is filled with 10 Miles of lighting cable to light the set.

7. Careful steps were taken to make sure the Green room was as “Green” as possible. Reverse osmosis filtration offers high quality water for the green room to eliminate the need for unnecessary bottled water. 91% of all the light bulbs throughout the Green Room complex are dimmable including all the bulbs in the bathrooms and hair and make-up. The other 8% is fluorescent or CFLs, and 1% incandescent light bulbs.

And here is a rather long, but really good, promo for the show.

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