Late Night Polling

In case all the political poll results weren’t enough for you, The Hollywood Reporter decided to poll people about their preferred Late Night Hosts. To be honest, there are actually some interesting results in the mix here.

Jay Leno fans are most likely to be wealthy Republican, red wine drinkers who like Fox News, support the Tea Party and drive American cars.

Maybe it’s all the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky jokes that Leno still does. We also all know that people on the right are a lot less likely to watch Letterman, who has had some pretty big feuds with Sarah Palin.

Conan O’Brien viewers are largely independent voters who enjoy vodka drinks, watch Comedy Central and are most likely to be single atheists who own Volkswagens.

This just goes to show the youth of Conan viewers.

Given a list of personality adjectives, viewers said “mean spirited” and “smart” best described Letterman, “outdated” and “whiny” fit Leno, while “trustworthy” best represented O’Brien.

Yeah, but I wonder how people would have responded if they had to come up with their own adjectives.

Check out the full results over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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