ABC Developing ‘Taken’-like Series

ABC is developing a series based around the same premise as the Liam Neeson movie Taken aka Liam Neeson Beats the Shit Out of Half of Europe.

Missing, which was written by Greg Poirier and executive produced by Gina Matthews and Grant Scharbo through ABC Studios, revolves around a young man who goes missing in Italy. I have a feeling he won’t be missing too long as you can’t keep a mother away from her son. The mom, an ex CIA agent goes looking for him across Europe.

This sounds exactly like Taken, except the gender roles are reversed. I also don’t see how this could be a show that lasts more than a season. If the kid isn’t found by the end of the first season viewers will be pissed. The reason it works in a movie is because the resolution happens quickly, in the span of the movie’s runtime, not months, the span of a show’s runtime.

The new series is scheduled to air this summer.

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