Barney’s Father is… (Spoiler)

Michael Ausiello is reporting that a certain veteran actor will be guest-starring on How I Met Your Mother and will play… Barney’s long-lost father. Stop reading right now if you don’t want to know.

Seriously, quit reading. This is your last chance!

Barney’s father is… John Lithgow!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the Dexter Emmy winner is nearing a deal to play Neil Patrick Harris’ onscreen dad, Jerome Whitaker, in one episode later this season.
Questions surrounding Barney’s MIA papa have dogged the legendary lothario during much of the show’s run. Red herrings he encountered on his quest included everyone from Bob Barker to Ben Vereen (a.k.a. his half-brother’s dad, Sam).

I loved John Lithgow on Dexter but I don’t know about this. The build up has been going on for so long that I really expect something legen, wait for it, dary. I mean, how funny would it be if his father really was Bob Barker, or some other famous person. Hell, it’d be funnier if his father really was John Lithgow, the actor. We will see how it all play’s out.

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