Charlie’s Angels Comes Back to TV

EW has fresh details about ABC’s Charlie’s Angels reboot: Unlike the original 1970s series, where the team of private investigators were disgruntled graduates of the police academy, the update currently has the crime-fighters as a trio of not-so-angelic criminals. In the pilot, Charlie brings them together and offers an opportunity to redeem themselves — by working for him, of course.

What, you haven’t heard that ABC is trying to pull a CBS and replicate the formula of taking a mediocre show and remaking it for modern audience? Well, they are. So, who are the Angels. It appears that Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor have finalized negotiations to star alongside Annie Ilonzeh in the Charlie’s Angels television reboot, which is being overseen by Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar.

What about Charlie? Well, rumor has it that Robert Wagner will be the new Charlie, and will still remain on speakerphone in the age of video chat.

Count me out. Didn’t like the original TV show and the only thing the movie remakes had going for them was Lucy Liu.

I really wish the networks (and studios) would stick to new original programming and stop remaking old TV shows. Haven’t we learned enough from Knightrider, Bionic Woman, V, etc.? I guess not. Meanwhile, creative shows like Studio 60, Kings, Flash Forward, and Arrested Development get canceled.

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