HBO Orders Pilot from Aaron Sorkin

aaron sorkinI have some fantastic news for Aaron Sorkin fans. HBO has ordered a pilot of his highly anticipated return to TV. The pilot is a behind the scenes of a cable news network. Think of it as The West Wing meets Studio 60 meets Keith Olbermann.

I remember reading about this pilot long ago and am excited to see that it is picking up steam. The fact that it is on HBO makes me even more excited, as Sorkin has not had the best of luck on the major networks. His fantastic series about the behind the scenes hijinks of a sports network only lasted a couple season on ABC and NBC only aired his behind the scenes of an SNL-like tv show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, for one season.

Sorkin has reportedly shadowed Olbermann, Chris Mathews, and Fox News to prepare for the new series, so it’s pretty obvious he will know what he’s writing about.

I’m excited to see his take on the news networks. I always found the news segments on The West Wing highly entertaining, and we all know that Sorkin has a strong pen for great dialogue and banter.

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