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kevin pollak chat show
One of my favorite podcasts over the past few months is one I found almost by accident. One a rainy afternoon I decided to plug in my iPhone to iTunes to find something to listen to when I work out. I was tired of music so I decided to try out some podcasts. Not being a podcast fan, I had no idea what I was looking for. I started browsing the different categories and, for obvious reasons, found myself browsing through movie and TV podcasts. This is where I found the genius that is Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show.

For those of you not familiar with Mr. Pollak, he’s a longtime stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer. Some of his films include The Whole Nine Yards, A Few Good Men, and The Usual Suspects. He is also one damn good impressionist (I know everyone does Walken, but you’ve not heard Walken until you’ve heard Pollak do Walken). Because I recognized his talent in the other areas of his life, I thought I’d give his podcast a shot. Boy, am I glad I did.

Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show is simple in format. It’s an interview show. Each week Kevin sits down with a different celebrity and interviews them. This isn’t your normal Jay Leno shitty pre-interviewed interviews. Kevin’s style is more conversational. He picks a starting point, usually at the beginning of one’s career, and goes from there. His interview style is so effortless, that you almost forget he’s there. For the majority of the interview the guest just sits and tells stories, with Kevin jumping in with a comment or remark to guide the guest along every now and then. In a time when most interviews are short 8 minute promos for something the guest is trying to sell, KPCS interviews are portraits of the guest’s entire life and can span almost 2 hours. You really get to know a lot about the person during these interviews. They really are fantastic.

The in-depth interviews aren’t the only thing great about the podcast though. KPCS does a great job involving fans. During the show they take live questions from Twitter and their chat room. They also have a running gag where the guest has to play The Larry King Game. This premise of the game is simple. The guest has to do a bad Larry King impression, say something about Larry (as Larry) that Larry wouldn’t normally reveal, and end the segment by throwing it to the call in which the caller is from a humorous sounding city. It’s incredibly funny.

If you’re a fan of great comedy, conversation, and movies and television, Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show is for you. Some of KPCS’s past guests have been Jon Hamm, Billy Bob Thornton, Mathew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Neil Patrick Harris, and many, many more. The podcast is available in video and audio forms and airs live every Sunday at 3PM PST at You can also check the shows out on his official YouTube channel.

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6 thoughts on “Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show

  1. I also found the KPCS almost by accident. A couple of months ago(before the Gawker database was hacked), GawkerTV posted a compilation video of some of the Larry King game gags, and after laughing my ass off, I decided to stick around and check out the archives. Good choice on my part, but I owe GTV a huge thank you for posting that video.

  2. Too funny. I found out about KPCS in almost the same fashion. Wandered into it while looking for an interesting podcast. I was watching the Billy Bob Thornton interview last night and couldn’t help thinking that it’s probably as close as you could get to hanging out with the two of them over a beer without actually hanging out with the two of them over a beer. There are other long-form interview shows out there, but none that seem to work as well as KPCS.

    1. The Billy Bob Thornton one was probably my favorite because I’m a die-hard Cardinals fan. It was fun to listen to him tell baseball stories.

  3. Great article about KPCS. I also stumbled across it, and have now watched almost every episode, and have participated in a couple. Kevin has used my Larry King game, and I also had a tweet five that was used for Stephen Root. (audience involvement). If you would like an experience, join the chat room while the show is actually on. I feel like I actually know these people by the time the interview is over. Try and replicate that, Jay Leno! 🙂

  4. You got the live broadcast time wrong. Used to be 5pm, but has been 3PM Pacific time for some time now.

    I love this show, and love to catch it live if I can.

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