NBC Orders Playboy Club Pilot

UPDATE: Click here to see a preview of The Playboy Club that will be airing on NBC this fall.

playboy logoNBC ordered a pilot called Playboy, which much like Mad Men, is set in the 1960s. Instead of Madison Avenue, though, the show will be set at a Playboy Club in Chicago.

Playboy will be written by Chad Hodge and uses the legendary club as a way to explore blossoming sexuality in America during the Sixties.

This sounds like it could be a really interesting show, but not for network TV. You can’t have a show that explores blossoming sexuality on NBC. I always find period pieces to be fascinating, but a story like this will have to be heavily censored to get past the network censors and succeed on network TV. This show would be better off on cable, either basic or premium. It could actually be a great follow up to AMC’s Mad Men.

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3 thoughts on “NBC Orders Playboy Club Pilot

  1. Corporations will do anything for money. Now mainstream broadcasters are becoming pornographers? We don’t need to see any nudity to figure out what’s going on. Actors should not be pressured into doing this type of work because they need the work. Another reason to not watch network tv. The peacock stinks.

    1. I would reserve judgement until the show is actually aired. There were numerous Playboy clubs across the country. It’s about the club, not the magazine. It’s also airing on network TV, so don’t expect nudity.

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