Torchwood Season 4 Premiere Date Set

TorchwoodThe cheesy, but entertaining, Dr. Who spinoff will being its 10 episode fourth season on July 1st. The new season will be entitled Torchwood: Miracle Day.

The new season of Torchwood asks the provocative (and arguably horrifying) question, “What would happen if the entire human race became immortal?”

“Not a single person on Earth dies” confirms Davies of the premise for the fourth season, which will bear the title Torchwood: Miracle Day. “The old stay old. It’s great news for some people, but globally it’s an instant population boom. Earth relies on people dying. Suddenly you’re affecting everyone on the planet. That’s where the Torchwood team comes in.”

I became a huge fan of this show over the past couple years and loved how the storylines became more and more dark as the show matured. According to Russell T. Davies, the showrunner for Torchwood, Season 4 will be even darker.

There are also other changes for the new season. For one, it is co-produced by Starz, ensuring the series will in the UK and the US on the same day. Also, much of it will take place in America with added cast members Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, and Bill Pullman.

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