And the New Bosley Is…

ramon rodriguezI previously wrote about the casting of ABC’s Charlie’s Angels reboot. It seems the showrunners have added another member to their cast.

Ramon Rodriguez will play the new Bosley. Not heard of him? Neither have I. Rodriguez has previously starred in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Oh. That piece of crap movie? No wonder.

Rodriguez’s previous TV series credits include The Wire and Day Break.

I’ve never heard of Day Break, but The Wire was one of the best shows to ever make it on TV. Why do I not remember this guy on the show? Oh, he was Omar’s lover that had very little screen time in the one season his character was on the show.

Seriously, this show sounds like it will be awful. Remember that horrible Pamela Anderson bodyguard TV show V.I.P.? Why does the Charlie’s Angels reboot sound like it’s going to be worse than that?

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