Daily for 2-15-2011

I’m starting a new type of post here at LTATV. Every single day news passes by that isn’t big enough for a dedicated post. That’s where the Dailies come in. In movie terms, dailies are the raw, unedited footage that is processed at the end of each day for the next day’s viewing. In our terms, it’s random news that comes across our desk that doesn’t belong in a post by itself but is still informative enough that I think people want to read it. They are quick pieces of news with no editorializing.

The Dailies that you read here are the previous day’s headlines that you might have missed.

So, here’s the inaugural Daily.

Lindsay Lohan will read the Top 10 list on CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman Thursday, February 17th.

Pierce’s brush with death makes for one ‘Fun Episode’ of NBC’s Community

Peter Fonda will play an ex-partner of Det. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) for a two-episode arc of CSI:NY that’ll air in late April.

Aaron Sorkin will play himself in an episode of 30 Rock that’s expected to air in March or April.

Cody Horn is the newest staffer on The Office.

24’s Annie Wersching cast in ABC pilot.

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