Daily for 2-21-11

Kiefer Sutherland might be returning to Fox as a father who discovers his autistic son can predict the future events in a pilot called Touch by Heroes creator Tim Kring.

On Feb. 24, Oprah‘s audience will see David Arquette instead of Michael Vick.

Check out Diane Lane in HBO’s Cinema Verite, about the first reality TV family, the Louds, in the early 1970s.

Ashley Judd is nearing a deal to headline the ABC action-drama Missing. If you don’t remember the premise to this show, think the movie Taken with a mother trying to find her son.

Fans launch ‘Help Nathan Fillion Buy Firefly’ movement

Minnie Driver will play a suburban single mom who teams up with a street-smart hustler to solve crimes in a pilot called Hail Mary for CBS.

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