Roseanne Barr Launching Reality Show

roseanne barrIt’s been a fairly slow TV news week so I thought I’d throw this up.

In probably the worst reality TV decision since E’s Bridalplasty, Lifetime will air a reality show revolving around Roseanne Barr and her nut farm, reports EW.

Yes, you read that right. Rosanne bar has a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii.

The program will follow Barr as she runs a 40-acre nut farm on Hawaii’s Big Island along with her writer-musician boyfriend Johnny Argent and her son, Jake.

“I’m coming back down to earth, and keeping it real,” Barr said in a statement. “They’ve said ‘Roseanne’s nuts’ for years, and now I’m going to make that a reality — I’m all about nuts now, macadamia nuts!”

I wonder how much farming she actually does. She may “run” the farm, but I doubt she actually gets her hands dirty.

Lifetime ordered sixteen half-hour episodes of the show which will debut sometime in 2011.

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