The Event Returns March 7th

The EventIn case you were wondering when you can watch the sure to be canceled NBC series The Event, wonder no more. The series will return with a 2 hour “event” on Monday, March 7th. The final 9 episodes of the season will air on Mondays after that.

While this was a good show and I was excited for it every week, NBC made me give up on it. How can you be excited about a show that was taken off the air and is now designated to fill in for other struggling shows (The Cape)?

What makes it even worse is because of its shaky status, it’s pretty much a given that it won’t return next year. That is, unless NBC pulls a surprise move like ABC did with last year’s V. Of course, we all see (or actually don’t see) how well V is doing this year. I guess the question is, do I care enough about The Event anymore to watch the final episodes of the season? I think NBC is going to be asking the same questions of viewers.

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