My Thoughts on House: Spoilers

After last night’s episode of House, entitled Bombshells, I thought I’d take some time to say a few words about the show, this season, and the ending of last night’s episode. Warning: If you have not watched last night’s episode, do not continue reading. There will be spoilers.

First, before I talk about the ending of the episode, let me say I enjoyed the episode until the ending. I enjoyed the different dream sequences where shows and movies like Two and a Half Men and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were spoofed. However, that’s where my enjoyment with the episode ended.

House, like many formulaic dramas, became stale as time goes on. There’s only so many times you can watch the show, knowing exactly how the formula goes, before it gets old. The storyline of House going into the psych ward for rehab brought a welcome change to the show. It felt like the show and the character House were turning over a new leaf. The trend continued this season with the budding romance between House and Cuddy. I’m not normally a person who likes to see the two main characters hook up, but I think it was only inevitable to see it happen between House and Cuddy. The surprising part was how short-lived it was. As we see in last night’s episode, House screws up and the relationship is officially dead. Why? Because House is back on drugs.

WTF? Seriously, what are the writers thinking? It is really disappointing that they would put House back on that road. How many drug addicted House episodes do we need to see? Do they really think viewers want to see House fall from grace… again? Especially this late in the show’s run. I think it’s clear that the show does not have much life in it. One or two seasons at the most. Do they really want to spend the remaining episodes dealing with House’s addiction? I know, as an avid viewer, I don’t want to see it. His struggle with being in an actual relationship and dealing with pain without narcotics was much more interesting but instead we get him using Cuddy’s potential tragedy as a reason to take the pills. Yawn.

Yeah, the Vicodin addiction was what made House who he was, but that got old after the first few seasons. The writers brilliantly worked out a way to get him over his addiction and presented him with new challenges of dealing with pain without drugs and love. Now they’ve squandered that. Just when you thought House was growing up and becoming a better person, the writers and showrunners do something idiotic. If they really want to not disappoint viewers they will play this off as “everyone is human, even House who thinks he’s a God” but have him back to being sober right away. I think that’s the only way to do it if they want to show that House really has grown as a person (which is what we all want, right?).

I don’t think I’ve read anything that better sums up my feelings for House than a comment on this review: It’s not the character who is afraid to grow and change, it’s the series.

I couldn’t agree more. If I stop watching the show after this season I’ll be able to look back and pinpoint the exact moment that led me to abandon it.

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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on House: Spoilers

  1. I understand the typical formula for the episodes of House…with this show…there’s an opening scene…a man,woman, or child has episode of blood coming from any one of the number of orifices of the body….then, comes diagnosing the problem of that the patient has. It’s like clockwork, with the ususal 5 to 8 mis-diagnosing the patient’s affliction for. Why this wouldn’t kill the normal patient alone…well, it’s beyond me! In the middle of diagnosing the patient problems and looking for a cure…you have all this High DRAMA btw Cuddy-House-Wilson, or Foreman-Taub-Chase, or whomever! Then, AS EVERYBODY can always count on, Greg House is able to pull the correct diagnosis right outta his ASS! How? From an epihany he get’s from seeing something or talking with someone–it’s like a little light being turned on in his brain, whenever he talks and converses with SOMEONE! Or sees something. ANYBODY!! ANYTHING!! You can bet your sweet ass, House will see the light! And cure the patient! (This happens with EXACTLY 3 minutes left remaining in the show) IT HAPPENS EXACTLY–Like CLOCKWORK! WATCH FOR IT! YOU CAN BET ON IT! IT’S A SURE THING!! Then, once he cures the patient from his/her dreaded affliction, its on to the wrap-up. During the wrap-up period, sometimes they play some really lame and silly song, from some unknown amateur artist, that makes your ears BLEED!!

    Oh Yeah! I DIDN’T enjoy those lame and different dream sequences in this “Bombshells” episode. I can look back and pinpoint that was the exact moments that led me to abandon this show!! For GOOD!!! I am afraid this is the beginning of the END for this show!! You can tell the 20 plus PRODUCERS and WRITERS of this series are RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS! With little interest left in this series, you’ll soon be seeing this series switching to another time slot– like the slow death of the FRIDAY at 10 O’clock hour!! Put this puppy out of his misery…before it becomes any worse!! PLease!

    And as for Cuddy announcing she was a JEW!!? Who knew?? Maybe all those 20 plus Producers and Writers of this show did, but who else cared!! Next we’ll have CHASE coming “out-of-the-closet”, in some upcoming episode, telling ANYBODY that will listen to him, I AM GAY! AND PROUD OF IT!!

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