Netflix Going to Re-Enter Original Programming Market?

Is Netflix going to re-enter the original content market? You might remember that Netflix had a distribution company for independent films called Red Envelope Entertainment that was eventually shut down because it was competing directly with Hollywood studios, the ones that were providing the DVDs for rental to Netflix subscribers. It appears that Netflix is now going to re-enter the original programming arena as the new home for a series from Kevin Spacey and David Fincher called House of Cards. From Deadline Hollywood:

Negotiations are still going on, but I hear Netflix landed the drama project by offering a staggering commitment of two seasons, or 26 episodes. Given that the price tag for a high-end drama is in the $4 million-$6 million an episode range and that a launch of a big original series commands tens of millions of dollars for promotion, the deal is believed to be worth more than $100 million.

Sounds like an interesting idea. In my opinion, the more avenues for great original programming, the better. There’s too much crap on network TV these days, it’s nice to see the possibility of another outlet for creative programming that others might not take a chance on.

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