HBO Go Available on iOS and Android


HBO Go, the online service that allows subscribers to watch HBO movies and programming, is now available on iOS and Android devices. You’ll need an HBO subscription with your cable provider to get past the login screen, but once you do you’ll be greeted with full seasons (for example, you can watch every single episode of The Sopranos) of your favorite HBO shows as well as blockbuster movies.

I’ve briefly tested the app and can honestly say it is great. The quality of the streaming (over wifi) is fantastic on my iPad 2. I was also surprised at how nice the quality was over 3G on my iPhone 4.

Browsing movies and television shows is smooth and fast. Very intuitive interface. I do like the iPad interface a lot more than the iPhone’s as there is a lot less touching and swiping that needs to be done on the larger screen. It is definitely a solid app and might prevent some HBO fanatics from cutting the cable cord.

You can grab the iPhone and iPad app here and from the Android Market here.

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