First Thoughts: Once Upon a Time and Charlie’s Angels

I was able to preview the promos for Once Upon a Time and Charlie’s Angels this morning and thought I’d give my first thoughts on the two new series.

Welcome to a world where fairytales are real. Anna Swan is like any other 28 year old, until she discovers she’s a lost princess destined to save her world from darkness. Experience the passion project of executive producers/creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (Lost, Tron). Once Upon A Time is a thrilling twist of our most beloved stories.

Once Upon A Time is an intriguing concept. It mixes real life with a fairy tale world. The show definitely looks darker than I expected which makes me actually want to watch it. I was afraid, based on the premise, the cheese factor would be high (think No Ordinary Family). This makes me think otherwise. I will probably watch the first couple of episodes to see if this draws me in like the trailer did. I’m not sure if a show like this can survive on network TV. We’ll see if viewers agree with me this fall.

Get ready for the knockout hit of the year. Charlie’s Angels is back and hotter than ever. Meet three ex-bad girls who are earning their wings by busting the really bad guys. Together with legendary producer Leonard Goldberg and Drew Barrymore, Smallville’s Alfred Gough and Miles Millar re-imagine the popular 1970’s series with more action, more eye candy and more heart than ever before.

Charlie’s Angels was a show I had no interest in seeing when I first heard about it. After watching the trailer, I am at least a little more interested. The show does not look campy at all, which is good news. I think the creators probably did a good job re-imagining the series, much like the creators of CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 did for their reboot. The show looks like it will be a good action show with plenty of eye candy (in both the locale and women). It has a similar look and feel that several USA Network shows (Burn Notice, Covert Affairs) have. I think this will be a winner for ABC as long as they stay away from cliches and really make the show their own. The question is, can the show survive going up against The X Factor’s results show?

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