Fox Chops The Chicago Code, Traffic Light, Lie to Me

fox logoFox continued wielding its schedule ax last night as it made room for more reality programming axed The Chicago Code, Traffic Light, and Lie to Me.

Created by Shawn Ryan (The Shield), The Chicago Code premiered in February of this year as a midseason replacement. The Show opened with decent ratings and favorable reviews by top critics. I called it the best new show of the season. The show revolved around a Chicago Police Department who are trying to stop corruption within the political landscape of the city of Chicago while trying to keep the streets safe from every day problems. The show starred Jennifer Beals, Jason Clarke, Matt Lauria, Todd Williams, Billy Lush, Devin Kelley, and Delroy Lindo. This is a huge disappointment for me because, in my opinion, it was the best drama on TV.

Lie to Me, the series about an expert who uses facial cues and body language to tell when someone is lying, has also been canceled. The show, starring Tim Roth, was in its 3rd season. I’ve watched the show several times and found it to be entertaining. I never became a regular viewer because it jumped around the schedule so much that I never knew when it aired.

Traffic Light, which debuted in February, will not be back next season either. The show revolved around three college buddies in their thirties as they juggled their careers, love, and life in general. I never saw this show, so I have no feelings about this.

I will say, that is is really sad that really good scripted programming is being replaced by reality programming. A big chunk of Fox’s schedule next year will be filled by American Idol and The X Factor. It seems the only place to get good scripted programming these days is on cable.

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