Preview New Shows From Fox

Fox has released their summer schedule, now take a look at some of the new shows on their lineup. Are there any that you’re looking forward to?

First up is the show I’m looking forward to the most, Alcatraz. This just makes me want to watch it even more. Too bad it’s a midseason premiere.

Next up is New Girl, which I will watch because of the always adorable Zooey Deschanel.

Terra Nova definitely looks great. I’m excited about this one too.

The X Factor I could not care any less about. But here’s a video for it anyway.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter looks like one I’ll skip. Not my cup of tea.

Allen Gregory is another one I’ll be skipping. An addition to Animation Domination Sundays.

I don’t watch Bones (it’s a good show, just never followed it religiously), so I’ll probably give the spinoff, The Finder, as pass as well. Perhaps I’ll watch the pilot to see if it can entice me to stick around.

Last and one that I will definitely not watch is Napoleon Dynamite. Hated the movie, refuse to watch the cartoon.

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