Save the Bell Campaign Gains Traction on the Internet

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There’s some things you can always count on: the sun rising in the east, the Cubs choking, and 2 hours of Saved by the Bell on TBS every morning. In case you weren’t aware, TBS used to show a 2 hour block of Saved by the Bell episodes every weekday morning (in Central time it was from 6-8 am). Almost every morning you could find me getting ready while enjoying some ’90s nostalgia. Yes, Zack, Kelly, and the gang were a huge part of my childhood (and even teenage years). I’ve seen every episode at least 20 times. In high school I even had a teacher that would put SBTB trivia questions on his tests and quizzes. It’s safe to say I’m a huge SBTB geek, as are many others.

Recently, TBS took off the first hour of SBTB and replaced it with Home Improvement. This angered Bell fans. How much did it anger them? Enough to rise up over Twitter and Facebook to demand TBS put the second hour back on.

Their official statement reads:

Dear BELL Fans, You might have noticed that TBS Very Funny is airing #SBTB only for 1 hour now, beginning at 8-9am, rather than their traditional 2 hour, 7-9am slot. We want to bring it back to the regular 4 hour block. Please, please help by contacting TBS on their Facebook page, Twitter (@tbsveryfunny), or send them them an email (, letting them know we want BELL back beginning at 7am for 4 back-to- back episodes for future generations! Thank you! -Erika @ SBTB:NOW!

So there you have it. SBTB fans aren’t to be messed with. A friend of mine emailed TBS a while back to complain that they aired the same few episodes over and over while classic ones rarely got aired. Shoot TBS an email, tweet, or wall post if you miss your Bell time.

After all, how could you not miss this?

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