Warehouse 13 Gets H.G. Wells Spinoff

jaime murray

SyFy is looking to create a spinoff from Warehouse 13. The character, Helena Wells, has been featured in six Warehouse 13 episodes, using her futuristic inventions to both aid and flummox the Warehouse team. Wells is played by Jaime Murray. It is unknown on whether or not Jaime Murray would be reprising the role, but it does seem likely. It would be odd to have a spinoff of a show but then replace the actress of the character they are spinning off (think if they replaced David Boreanaz when they did Angel, a Buffy spinoff).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the concept for the show is as follows

While it is still in the early stages and thus subject to change, the idea is to put Wells in a 1890s steampunk environment. Despite Warehouse 12’s efforts to recruit her, she would remain a free agent who uses her knowledge of contemporary science to solve murders and other mysteries.

In this incarnation, she would enlist the help of a mechanical engineer and utilize her relationship with the police commissioner to solve what appear to be unsolvable cases. Both the skills and style she employs will become the framework for the well-known stories of H.G. Wells, as written by her brother.

Warehouse 13 is SyFy’s most watched series. Last season the series averaged 3.4 million viewers. It is only natural that SyFy would want to duplicate that success with a spinoff.

The third season of Warehouse 13 begins July 11.

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