Boondock Saints Coming to TV?

boondock saints
There’s rumors circulating about a Boondock Saints TV series. The original movie bombed at the box office but developed such a cult following that a sequel was released in 2009.

Troy Duffy, the director of the two movies, recently stated in an interview that a TV series based on his characters may be in the works.

We’ve been approached to do a possible Boondock Saints TV series. So the fans may be getting a part 3 as a television show. We might be able to pull that off…. I actually called both Sean and Norman and they both said “hell yeah, we’ll drop everything.”

Is this a good idea? I’m not sure. I loved the original movie, but the sequel was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I would also take this news with a grain of salt because the sequel was talked about for years and years before it finally happened. I don’t really see this idea coming to fruition, though if it does, I hope it lands on HBO or Showtime. With the amount of violence and bad language in the movies, that’s the only way the idea could work.

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