The Killing Renewed for Second Season

the killing

AMC finally stopped dragging their feet on renewing The Killing. The murder mystery show is drawing about 2 million viewers per week, on par with Mad Men. In talking about the show, Joel Stillerman, AMC SVP of original programming, stated “how much room there is to elevate the crime drama…. The suspense of the investigation in each episode, and the emotional intensity of the characters over the season, give this show a visceral quality that makes for incredibly powerful television. A lot of loyal fans made a huge investment in this show this season, and we are thrilled to be able to bring it back.”

I’m excited to see it come back. It has been a great show (besides one episode). I can see this show following the same formula as The Wire. Each season is a new case, with some of the same players from the previous season(s) turning up in the current season. I can’t wait to see their take on it. No date has been announced for a second season.

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