Daily: The Playboy Club, Pan Am, Christine O’Donnell, Ricky Gervais and More!

Here’s your Daily for 8/17/2011.

The Playboy Club has cast its first guest singer: Colbie Caillat will brighten up the upcoming NBC drama playing famed vocalist Lesley Gore. The show will enlist a variety of stars throughout the season to portray celebrities and musicians of the 1960s.

Children’s Hospital has been renewed for a fourth season for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

Dean Norton will appear on CSI:NY as an internal affairs officer investigating a shooting that centers around a CSI.

Stephen Collins will appear on The Office as Ed Helms’ Andy’s dad. Dee Wallace will appear as Andy’s mom.

Goran Visnjic has been cast in a four-episode arc on the upcoming 1960s-set airline drama Pan Am. He will portray a sexy Yugoslavian immigrant torn between his communist Eastern Bloc homeland and the potential freedoms and opportunities of the West.

Andy Milder will play a mentally challenged man named Cy who figures into one of the creepier cases the BAU team has faced on Criminal Minds.

Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters will appear on a season 7 episode of Supernatural. In the episode “Shut Up, Dr. Phil,” Carpenter and Marsters will portray a husband and wife for a storyline that’s all about “Bewitched gone wrong,” according to showrunner Sera Gamble.

The more I see of Ricky Gervais‘ project with Warwick Davis, Life’s Too Short, the more hilarious I think it is. Take a look at poor Warwick dressed as a frog below.

Dominic Chianese has booked an arc on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire playing Leander Whitlock, described as a contemporary of Dabney Coleman’s Commodore Louis Kaestner, Nucky’s mentor and predecessor in Atlantic City.

Carlos Bernard will appear on this season of CSI: Miami as  a “spectacularly wealthy, season-long nemesis” for David Caruso’s Horatio Cane.

Michael Rady has joined The Mentalist as the new head of the CBI. Rady will play Luther Wainwright, the very educated, fresh-faced special agent in charge of Jane & Co. Although he has very little field experience under his belt, Wainwright’s a fast learner and will eventually be able to go toe-to-toe with PJ.

By now you’ve probably heard about Christine O’Donnell walking out of her interview with Piers Morgan. Well, now you can watch it below.

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