Final Destination 5 + Saved by the Bell = Awesome

saved by the bell meets final destination

What do you get when you create a music video that is 1 part Final Destination 5 and one part Saved by the Bell? Well, you get 4 minutes of awesome.

In this homage to Bayside High, watch as Miles Fisher’s friends, all played by his Final Destination 5 co-stars, drop like flies. Also, you can’t go wrong with David Koechner as Mr. Belding.

Here’s the cast for the video:
Miles Fisher as Zack Morris
Nick D’Agosto as A.C. Slater
Emma Bell as Jessie Spano
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Kelly Kapowski
David Koechner as Principal Belding
Ellen Wroe as… Lisa Turtle? (Kristy Barnes?)
P.J. Byrne as Screech

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