Saved by the Bell Leaving TBS’ Lineup

saved by the bellFor the first time in 20 years, Saved by the Bell may not have a regular home on TV.

Starting September 26th, TBS will no longer air Saved by the Bell in the 8am slot, replacing classic show with Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The series has been on TBS since 1992.

The news isn’t all that surprising to some as earlier this year SBTB’s traditional 2 hour morning block was cut short to make way for Home Improvement in the 7am hour. With no slot on the schedule, what will become of the iconic ’90s series? Well TBS’ contract for the syndication rights expires in March of 2012 and, as of now, it doesn’t look like TBS has any plans to renew them, so it is unclear on if we will ever see Bell in a regular time slot again.

This has many Bell fans upset. Fans of the show, with the help of some of the former stars, such as Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) and Mario Lopez (Slater), have gotten the word out about a Facebook page created to help save the show. While I don’t watch the show as religiously as I once did, it was still nice to turn on in the morning while getting ready for work. Guess I’ll have to watch the news now.

UPDATE: There’s some temporary reprieve for Saved by the Bell fans. It seems TBS will start airing the teen sitcom on Sundays from 6-8am.

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