Weekender: Mr. Rogers, White Collar, Chuck, Switched at Birth and More!

Here’s your Weekender for 7/29 – 7/31/2011.

Do you miss Mr. Rogers? (Doesn’t everybody?) Well, soon you’ll get to take another trip to Make Believe Land. PBS is planning an animated spinoff that features the kids of the original characters from the Fred Rogers hosted show. Titled Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, the series will have original Mister Rogers characters grown up and with children of their own living in the Neighborhood of Make Believe. Four-year-old Tiger (son of the original Tiger) will be the star.

MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew has been renewed for a seventh season.

Molly Parker has landed the female lead opposite Josh Lucas in NBC’s upcoming series The Firm.

Aly Michalka will guest-star on the Sept. 30 installment of CBS’ CSI: NY as a rocker chick involved in a murder.

Here’s your first look at Michael K. Williams with Danny Pudi on the set of Community.

Speaking of Community, EW has some more bloopers from season 2.

ABC Family has ordered an additional 22 episodes of Switched at Birth in what the network is billing as a “full first season order.” They will begin airing in early 2012.

Matrix’s Carrie-Anne Moss is joining Chuck’s final season as a love interest/foil for Adam Baldwin’s John Casey.

Speaking of Baldwins, William Baldwin has signed on for a season two role on Hawaii Five-O.

Even though Torchwood‘s ratings have been good, Starz warns don’t expect for the show to get renewed anytime soon. This is not all that surprising as this is typical of British shows. There were 2 years in between this season and last.

Jaime Ray Newman has been cast as Detective Mac Taylor’s late wife, Claire, who passed away in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on CSI:NY.

Veteran actor Tom Skerritt will portray Elizabeth’s father, Alan Mitchell, on White Collar. Bailey Chase will also guest star and play Bryan McKenzie, a Sterling-Bosch vice president that Sara suspects of stealing a Stradivarius. Look for this man to possess a unique appreciation for Chinese culture. The episode in which the actors appear, Pulling Strings, will air in early 2012.

Jon Stewart takes on the old School House Rock video, I’m Just a Bill with I’m Just a Law. Watch below.

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