Donald Glover’s Alter Ego Signs with Glassnote Records

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I know this is a TV blog, but we’re going to post some music news because it relates to a TV actor.

Donald Glover’s alter ego, Childish Gambino, has signed with indie record label Glassnote Records. The Community star has released two EPs for free under the rap moniker Childish Gambino, which he got by plugging his name into a Wu Tang name generator. Over the past few months Glover has been meeting with Glassnote Records about a possible deal. Glassnote is the home of acts such as Phoenix and Mumford & Sons. So why would Glover sign with such an independent label with no history in hip hop?

“There’s a tremendous sense of rock’n’roll about him, an irreverence and an authenticity,” Glassnote founder/president Daniel Glass says of Gambino. “He fits in with our roster because he’s alternative.”

If you listen to the music of Childish Gambino, you know that’s true. He doesn’t go after the typical hip hop audience. In his music he talks about the music being for middle class nerds. He also fits in with the Glassnote way of doing things.

“He liked our approach, which is very touring-intensive,” Glass says. “Secondly, it’s about how progressive he’s been online: inclusive of his fans and very liberal with giving away music. He knows his audience.”

Camp, the next album from Childish Gambino, will be released this November on Glassnote and will be available digitally, as well as on CD and vinyl.

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