Mythbusters Premiere Date Announced; Myth List Released

Discovery has announced the fall premiere date of the hit show Mythbusters. Fans can check out the fall premiere on September 28th at 9/8c.  In addition to the date, a list of myths the team will test has been released.

  • Is it impossible for humans (without a point of reference) to walk in a straight line?
  • Are motorcycles better for the environment than cars?
  • Can you supersize a Newton’s Cradle to epic proportions?
  • If a pigeon lands on the roof of a car, which is hanging precariously over a cliff’s edge, could it provide enough force to send the car plunging over the side?
  • In a standoff between a hero with a revolver and a villain with a rocket propelled grenade (as seen in the movie Red), could the bullet trigger the warhead? And would the villain be taken out by the blast?
  • Was the “flying guillotine” a lethal ancient weapon — or kung-fu make believe?
  • Can you use duct tape to fix a plane that has been mauled by a bear? (As odd as this one sounds, it’s a story that has inundated our fan site message boards for years!)
  • Could a methane blast inside a sewer, blow manhole covers tens of feet into the air?
  • Some call it indestructible, but can truck bed liners stop an animal attack? Prevent a car from being damaged? Make it bomb-proof?
  • Explosions. Rocket sleds. More duct tape. Oh… and more explosions!
Some of these myths make it sound like they are running out of ideas. Walking a straight line? Really? That must be a myth for Tory, Grant, and Kari, because I don’t see Adam or Jamie doing it. Adam and Jamie usually only handle the myths with explosions while the rest of the gang is stuck with the smaller, more lame myths.

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